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GRAVIS Mannheim
68161 Mannheim

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Charge 1500€ for my mac water damage repair. Paid 60€ for inspection. Got it completely fixed at a store near HBF by simply cleaning the inside for 90€.

Qin Qi

7 months ago

Awesome service, minimal waiting time, transparent process, complete and step by step information on the repair done. Updated info on repair status, quick and easy payment. All in all a pleasant experience. Recommended!

Soumyo Jyoti Pal

9 months ago

Nice and non crowded place

Prashanth Nagar

3 months ago

Miserabler Service


4 months ago

Yeah, you know they have Samsung products now, too. The experience with service and quality wasn't as good as in the old days. Since they moved here, and their main products' company went "hip", they dramatically decreased in both. All there is left are unfriendly employees, and insanely lengthy times for repairs. 2 stars only because I know them from better days.

Ryo Cook

2 years ago

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