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Where do I begin. I spend 5,000$ on a 2016 Haibike Full Seven. I have brought in several customers including maintenance work, accessories purchases and a customer who purchased a brand new 6000$ Full seven 7.0. I have literally made Bikes2000 thousands of euro. On to my issues: After a few hundred miles on my Haibike, I start to have issues with the bike. To summarize all of the issues: I warped the back wheel through light routine trail riding - not covered under warranty, I had to pay 70Euro to get the wheel fixed and returned. Again, after several hundred miles, I had to have the front sprocket , chain and entire rear sprocket replaced for approximately 250 Euro. Finally, I warp the front tire on a simple trail on the way home from work!!! I have had the bike for 5 months!! After this, I requested to trade the bike in as it was obviously below the quality Haibike and Bikes2000 would provide (?) and pay the difference to a more suitable and durable bike. The answer to my trade in was NO, I am stuck with this bike. In fairness to Haibike, they are replacing the wheels with a better set, but I know this will not resolve my issues with the fullseven. The funny thing is that the owner of Bikes 2000 told me that this full suspension trail bike is usually ridden by old people to work? I stated that it is advertised as a light off road bike - I am riding the flat trails of Stuttgart, not the Alps. Making excuses for a poorly made bike is weak. On to the next item. My friend just purchased the 2017 FullSeven 7.0 at about 6,000$ During the negotiations, we stated several times that he does not want a 220v-240v charger as it will do no good as he is going back to the US in a few weeks. This was clearly understood and acknowledged by the Bikes2000 ownership. My Friend buys the bike and gets the 240v charger..... no 110v charger!!!! I followed up with an email because I recommended Bikes2000 and I also need a 110v charger. The response from the owners "was sorry, we know nothing of a 110v charger and you cant get them in Germany" This is amazing, this should be illegal!?!? They just swindled 6,000$ out of him and have been nothing but a disaster for me. There are several more example that I just don't feel like going into. I should have read the reviews before I purchased at Bikes 2000, they are mostly negative. I will be exploring legal options - interested to see how deceptive and immoral business practices are handled in Germany. My recommendation is for my German friends - Avoid Bikes2000, read additional reviews for a complete picture!!! For my American and international Friends - avoid Haibike!!! Low quality and terrible support. Buy a specialized, or any other good brand where you will get support - wish I did.

For me this was a massive frustration that cost me a lot of unnecessary time and money. I think this store is too busy to get it right, the processes for online purchases are not solid and this is reflected in other reviews here. I will never go here again, I will not support their online ventures either.

Den Preis für ein Kundenorientiertes Unternehmen wird dieser Shop sicherlich nicht gewinnen. Gewährleistungsansprüche werden hier rigoros abgeschmettert. Weiterempfehlung bzgl. des Onlinegeschäfts negativ.

War heute mit meinem E-bike zum Kundendienst konnte warten bis alles fertig war. Wurde sehr nett vom Werkstattmitarbeiter und dem Chef bedient. Mein Abusschloss das manchmal klemmt wird auch getauscht. Kamm mir gut aufgehoben vor. Obwohl es für mich 50Km dort hin sind- Was ich auch gut finde das der Kunde zusehen darf was gemacht wird.

Beratung war sehr gut. Ich war bestimmt in Summe 4 Stunden zur Beratung (an mehreren Tagen) dort und das für ein eher mittelpreisiges Pedelec. Dabei hatte ich nie das Gefühl, dass es den Beratern zu viel wurde. Zudem wurden extra 2 Räder aufgebaut, damit ich diese Probe fahren konnte. Auch kurz vor Feierabend gab es keinen Entscheidungsdruck.

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